Robyn and her studio are available either at an hourly rate or a fixed fee.

Rates are flexible to match your budget and requirements where ever possible.

Hourly rates – General recording & mixing

What you get:
  • Full use of the studio
  • Including of course, the Yamaha C6 grand piano
  • Robyn as engineer and most importantly…
  • …her experience and musicality, which ensures a stress-free and efficient recording
Rate: $150/hour + 10% GST

Hourly rates – Production

What you get:
  • Full use of the studio
  • Including of course, the Yamaha C6 grand piano
  • Robyn as Producer, arranger, engineer & multi-instrumentalist – as required
  • Vocal production
  • Musician production

Everything you need for the full production of your songs

Rate: $180/hour + 10% GST

You’ll be surprised how much Robyn can achieve in a few hours. Importantly you’ll only pay for time used not time booked, so if you book for four hours and get the job done in three, that’s all you’ll pay.

Alternatively you can contact Robyn to discuss your project and obtain a fixed-fee quotation…

Fixed fee

Asking how much it costs to produce a song is like asking how much it costs to build a house. There are so many variables to consider that each production needs to be quoted individually. However as a guide costs are generally between $1,500 and $3,500 per song, typically somewhere in the middle.

If you’d prefer to have a fixed fee rather than an hourly rate contact Robyn to discuss your project and provide a quote.

She’ll always endeavour to work your budget.

Rates FAQ

I’ve seen some studios that charge a lower rate than yours. Will I get something extra if I come to you?

Absolutely. Most studios, expensive or cheap, will come with an audio engineer at the helm. However I bring years of experience not only as an engineer, but also a music producer and multi-instrumental musician. These musical and production skills allow me to run a more efficient and productive recording session. More often than not you’ll need less time in the studio and you’ll get a better end result.

There’s a more detailed explanation to this question in Recording Studio FAQ

Do you have a day rate for the studio?

Not as such. Day rates can be a false economy as they often work against the quality of the production. Recording in a studio can be demanding and exacting work and after a few hours, musicians and singers get tired and no longer give their best performance. Sure you can push on, but you’ll get less done than you did in the first few hours when you were fresh. It’s obvious to me when the peak has been reached and I’ll normally suggest that’s enough for the day. By recording this way you get a higher quality product for less cost than booking a studio for a whole day.

However if you’re not comfortable with an hourly rate, I can work out a fixed fee for your project once we’ve chatted and I know some details.